AllSecure is offering a leading payment gateway technology. The gateway technical infrastructure represents one of the globally largest independent payment routing gateway used by thousands of online businesses. Our payment gateway is simple and easy to use, but complex where it matters. Our solution is PCI Level 1 compliant and in accordance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Sophisticated reporting and fraud prevention tools come as standard. You can accept payments from your customers in complete confidence. Comprehensive support for traditional and alternative payment methods is crucial for any payment provider with globally-oriented merchants. Our Merchant clients grow on a global scale with our products by outsourcing their technical transaction processes, expanding their services and connecting to leading acquiring partners in the industry.

Payment Gateway Features

Secure card vault

Store customer card data in our vault to implement recurring and one click payments.

Recurring Billing

Merchant-managed recurring solution solves challenges regarding regular payments.

Mobile Solutions

Offering an option to purchase while "on the go" is a top priority for every merchant.

Virtual Terminal

Process your transactions easily and securely through the call-centre agents.

Global Reach

Get your payment settled in EUR, GBP, USD, CHF, HRK, RSD and 10 other currencies.

Reporting & Analytics

Best-in-class online reporting, reconciliation and transaction management tool.

Fast & Easy Integration

Single and easy Integration with our powerful omni-channel transaction processing API enabling you to quickly and flexibly build new applications and services on our platform. Whether you’re processing payments in browsers, server-to-server, a smartphone, or even if you require transaction reports or performing standalone risk checks or back office functionalities, you’ll always use one single unified REST API.

It gets better, keep hosting (almost) every element of the payment page yourself and still maintain PCI compliance by using our SecurePay API. This enables you to maintain full control over your corporate identity, user experience design and guarantee a seamless end-user experience – all with just a few lines of code.

For all established shop systems, AllSecure supports a range of Plug & Play modules that can be integrated into your webshop within minutes.

Powerful Risk Prevention

In an age where the threat of online fraud is constant, the online merchant requires tools enabling them to know who the customers are, keeping the risk of chargebacks to a minimum. This is why our Fraud and Security tools satisfies all established security standards and provides merchants with the peace of mind needed to remain focused on growing their business. With over 120 checks integrated the merchant is safe in the knowledge that only the best traffic is being processed. Our suite of Fraud & Security tools include as a standard feature:

3D Secure

Velocity Checks

Address Verification Service

Tokenization solution

BIN Checks

Manual review

Blacklists & Whitelists

Credit card check

Effective risk scoring

Geo IP Location

Anonymous proxies check

... and many more

Simple PCI - From burden to benefit

The Payment Cards Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) is applicable to all parties involved in the card-payment process, including internet merchants. Potential loss of highly confidential card data can result in reputational and financial damage. However, our clients are automatically PCI-DSS-compliant when they use our services, so they can enjoy peace of mind with our level 1 PCI DSS certification. As we maintain strict PCI-DSS compliance, it helps to reduce the overhead for our customers by eliminating the time, cost and risk associated with achieving independent PCI-compliant status.


AllSecure provides a dedicated helpdesk staff to assist you during initial integration of your shop systems to our platform and for any changes that may need to be throughout the lifetime of the account. We provide test accounts for a safe area to develop and test the integration. Example coding is available too in several languages for ease of use.

Our technical support specialists will take care of your merchant gateway configuration. They ensure that your merchant account is properly set up, your risk management is configured and that all payment methods you need to start accepting online payments are set. Start accepting online payments – easy and secure!

We provide payment consultancy services to our clients. Our consultants advise on optimal payment expansion into global markets and tailored payment options to suit various business model and the payment preferences of your customers throughout the world.

Secure Online Payments!

We enable merchants to accept online and mobile payments from buyers worldwide.